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【留学 创业 海归论坛之二 】


On Dec 16, 2007, the American United Chamber of Commerce (AUCOC) will host a forum focused on the opportunities and challenges faced by oversea Chinese professionals and entrepreneurs when returning to China for business and career development. After the forum. AUCOC will hold a year-end dinner banquet and Christmas dance/Karoke party. Please join us for this great forum and networking & entertainment opportunities. The attached are the announcements. Please mark your calendar and sign up early. Looking forward to seeing you all there. Thanks.

Shawn Shen, Ph.D.

(JUOAA is a co-host for the event)
Business Endeavor for Oversea Students, Professionals and Returnees

Forum II: Returning to China’s Opportunity, Challenge and Risk

Chinese oversea professionals and entrepreneurs are faced with tough choices: staying or returning to China for business and career development? How to take advantage of China’s fast growing economy and leverage ones’ full potential and expertise? Where are the opportunities? What are the challenges and risks? Are you prepared for the transitions? Where to go after returning, foreign owned enterprise or Chinese companies with global presence?

The American United Chamber of Commence (AUCOC http://www.aucoc.us ) will host a year-end forum (keynote presentation and panel discussion) on the opportunities and cost of returning back to China for business and career development and a Christmas dinner & dancing party at 12:45 pm -10:30 pm on Dec 16, 2007 (Sunday). The speakers invited include Wall Street human capital expert and renowned biography writer, Dr. Jeannie Yi (裔锦声博士, President of Global Head Hunting and the author of several influential books including After the forum, AUCOC will hold a dinner banquet followed by a year-end party at 7:00 pm. We cordially invite distinguished guests in various fields, AUCOC members, and business owners in the area to join the dinner banquet. This banquet aims to provide opportunities for networking and exchanging business information. The year-end entertainment includes Karoke and dance party. Join us and register early to reserve seat!

Time: 12:45 pm to 10:30 pm on December 16, 2007 (Sunday)
Location: Ramada Inn,60 Cottontail Lane, Somerset, NJ 08873
Forum registration: $15 (free for students) and $20 for on-site registration
Dinner party registration (including forum, dinner and dance party):
The registration fee is $45. The registration deadline for the dinner party is Dec. 8, 2007. Please send your check beforehand (payable to AUCOC) to Dr. Shawn Shen at 129 Magee Court, East Brunswick, NJ 08816. Please write your phone number or email address on the check for confirmation purpose. If you are planning to join the Karoke, please attach a note with your preferred songs for preparation. No on-site registration for dinner party is accepted.

Dance ticket only: $10

Please register online at http://www.aucoc.us/aucoc/scripts/seminar_reg.asp?EventId=24

Formal business or party attire is required for the dinner and dance party. Please bring sufficient business cards for networking.

For further information, feel free to contact Dr. Shawn Shen (908-307-9354), James Gao (908-938-2025), Howard Wang (973-953-8898) or email contact@aucoc.us

The AUCOC website is http://www.aucoc.us。 You are welcomed to sign up for a free discussion forum at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aucoc。

This event is also co-sponsored by the following associations:
Tsinghua Alumni Association (THAA)
Peking University Alumni Association (PKUAA USA East Coast)
North American Zhejiang Professional & Scholar Association
University of Science and Technology Alumni Association (Greater New York)
Chinese Institute of Engineers (Greater New York Chapter)
New Jersey Chinese Computer Professionals Society (NJCCPS)
American Chinese Professionals Association
Columbia University Asia-Pacific Development Society
Jilin University Oversea Alumni Association (JUOAA)
Shandong University Alumni Association (New York Area)
Wuhan University Alumni Association (North America)
Tianjin University Alumni Association (North America)
The Association of Chinese Students and Scholars of Princeton University
Rutgers University Chinese Students and Scholars Association
NJIT Chinese Students and Scholars Association
Nanjing University Alumni Association (New York)
Discussion Topics for Mr. Jishu Zhou

1. Why did I want to return to China? Attraction, Opportunity, Motivation
2. How did I get the opportunity?
3. What was my first reaction touching down in China?
4. What was the reaction I received from 街道办事处to get my personal ID working in china as a foreigner?What's their view?

5. What was the general reception of the Chinese co-workers: how did they react to me?
6. What did I do for a major Chinese bank on behalf of a major American IT firm? What was the Chinese firm looking for? What was my American firm looking for? How did I function between the two firms and two sets of requirements?

7. What were the hurdles? Lessons and contributions?
8. Why did I decide to return to America after 10 months and a job well done?
9. Why should my old firm, a major international bank, still decide to take me back with more responsibilities and salary increase?

10. Loyalty vs. Personal gain

Conclusion: what should you do! ?
All other people's experiences can only serve as references. You must be true to yourself and look at the cost before you calculate the profit. And you also must ask yourself: where do you plan to return ---which firm do you plan to touch down with or create your own? And how long do you plan to return, 10 months, 5 years or forever? Do you have a plan B if Plan A doesn't work out the way you desire?

Discussion Topics for裔锦声博士: Are you ready to return to China?

1. Are you ready for the change? Why and why not?
2. Are you ready to change jobs? Why and why not?
3. Haigui: you're not only changing jobs, you're changing countries, working environment, co-workers, and corporate cultures. Are you ready for this drastic change?

4. What are the upsides for the change? Family? Salary? Opportunities?
5. Which organization are you going to work for? Chinese firm or foreign firm? Why did they hire you? What do they want from you? What do you have to offer, others don't?

6. How to find that organization where you can fly? How to networking? How to marketing yourself out?
7. How to negotiate the package? Relocation: local package or expatriate package?
8. Do you have the necessary commitment? 1 year? 5 years? At all cost?
9. Time to pack: I'm leaving...with your family or not?
10. Case studies:
· security vs. opportunity
· I'll never haigui! Why should I give up America and my job here? Can I ever return if I fail?
· I'll haigui tomorrow! The pay is good and I'll retire in 3 years!


裔锦声博士是华尔街人力资源专家和著名作家。 她原任北京大学英语系教师,1985年赴美,在华盛顿大学获比较文学博士(南开大学英美文学硕士,吉林大学英文系本科)。 1992年裔锦声博士进入华尔街工作, 就职于舒立文人力资源公司,为华尔街大银行搜寻和输送高端人才。 曾一年内给公司带进来华尔街5家大洋行的客户,为公司创造一人一年一百多万美元的纯利润,并连续三年被评为最优秀的人才专家。 1995年被提升为公司副总裁。 裔锦声博士所著华尔街三部曲《华尔街职场》,《职场政治:华尔街人力资源案例》,《华尔街英语》,被当代中国青年推崇,为中国大学佼佼者进入华尔街提出了可供参考的模式和语言文化拐杖(总销量超过2.8百万个CD),无偿推荐和指点了32名清华北大北航北理工等高等院校的毕业生进入华尔街。《海尔之路》(英文版)荣获2004年美国商务部推荐读物。所著《红楼梦:爱的预言》(北大出版社出版—裔锦声博士的博士毕业论文)被收进北大文学论从;《红睡衣:海那边寻梦的中国女人》和《中国,我心脏跳动的地方》等专著,为女性平衡家庭和事业提出可参考的案例。 2002年创立华尔街重心集团,出任总裁。中国市长协会副会长、秘书长陶思亮女士2003年以来委托裔锦声博士为中国市长海外招商和进修提供华尔街关系,为此亲自提笔写信感激裔锦声博士。 2003年10月裔锦声博士被中华全国工商联副主席胡德平(胡耀邦之子)聘为金融教育顾问,给近50名中国大企业总裁和副总裁介绍过关于CEO怎样走向华尔街、怎样在华尔街融资、怎样把企业壮大的经验,并且无偿将四家华尔街投资银行带进家乡成都的四个企业,其中一家企业如今正准备在香港和纽约同时上市。2004年被《华西都市报》评为成都最受喜欢的女儿。裔锦声博士最大的特点是将文学带入了商业,将华尔街企业文化介绍给了中国企业,并且帮助这些企业建立企业文化和推荐重量级人才。“人手易得,人才难得。”

Jishu Zhou周继述

Mr. Jishu Zhou is the vice president of Citigroup, risk management, global transaction group. From 10/06 to 08/07, he served as the chief managing consultant for IBM China to create the first risk management system for one of the top 5 banks in China. He paved the way for IBM to get into Chinese banking industry.

Mr. Zhou has 7+ years experience in managing complex and high profile projects (1998-2006, Citigroup) as CIB risk technology chief architect and CIB credit systems project manager. He has upgraded CIB credit trading systems in Korean, London, Mexico and was the committee member of Advanced BASELII. Mr. Zhou has 15+ years of experience in software development and 9+ experiences in credit risk management and has in depth, hands-on experience in all aspects of IT in financial industry, including products pricing, business alignment, capability planning, platform selection and vendor management.

Mr. Zhou obtained his M.S. degree from Washington University and B.E. from Shanghai Jiaotung University. He was once a Ph.D. research fellowship recipient from MIT.

Dr. Xiaolin Zhou
Mr. Zhou is a partner of Jun He Law Offices and currently practices in our New York office. He specializes in corporate and securities law, foreign investment in China and project finance.

Mr. Zhou has 20 years' experiences in government work and private practice. As the managing partner of the firm's New York Office, Mr. Zhou specializes in international business transactions and focuses on advising clients in doing business in China. His clients include many Fortune 500 industrial and business corporations, banks, insurance companies, foreign law firms and international organizations. Mr. Zhou also regularly advises Chinese entities and individuals on doing business in the U.S.

Prior to entering private practices, Mr. Zhou served for six years as the Head of International Law Division, Department of Treaty & Law, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China. He also served as consultant to the Chinese Delegation to the UN General Assembly and Chinese delegate to the UN Legal Committee, Outer-space Legal Subcommittee and UN Charter Committee. Mr. Zhou participated in numerous international negotiations and conferences and had experiences in handling major judicial and arbitration cases involving Chinese government agencies and enterprises in foreign courts and arbitral tribunals.

Mr. Zhou received S.J.D. and LL.M. from Harvard University and LL.M. from the Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing. He is a Member of the State Bar of New York and a Member of All-China Bar Association.


“留学 创业 海归”