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My memories of big brother Gu Xin Ying can be traced back to the 1980s when I was still a medical student at the Norman Bethune University of Medical Sciences (NBUMS).
I was fortunately enrolled at the NBUMS in Changchun (77 class, 77级5班) after a national examination as one of the many lucky students who enrolled into colleges in the same year (after the “cultural revolution”). In February 1978, I left Xining City (Western China) and took a several-day journey by train to Changchun (Northeastern China). In addition to attending medical school classes, my medical school classmates and I were all eager to have an opportunity to learn English since we all wanted to have opportunity to go abroad for further education. However, the English program at NBUMS did not meet our standards to achieving our goal to study abroad. Therefore, we were always looking for other English programs, such as those offered at Jilin University.
At that time, our dorm was very close to Jilin University’s (JU) main campus (diagonally across from Jie Fong Da Lu, 解放大路). My hometown friend (Hou Luo Ming,侯洛明) was nice enough to “smuggle” me into the TOEFL preparation class offered in the evenings at the Jilin University. I cannot remember how many times I went to the TOEFL class, but I do recall that I met a few very smart students in the computer science program through Mr. Hou’s introduction. Among them, of course, was Mr. Gu who was the classmate of Mr. Hou. As a note, at that time only the smartest students were accepted into the computer science program in Jilin University and less smart students like me attended medical school.
Many years later, I meet Mr. Gu again, it was not at JU, but in my office in Flushing, New York (one of the largest Chinese communities in New York). I was practicing occupational and rehabilitation medicine in Flushing and partnered with my classmate Dr. Peter Zheng (郑双武). Mr. Gu walked to my office complaining of pain in his lower back. To be honest, I did not pay too much attention to him per se during the initial moments of the appointment, as I was focused on his illness and how to help him to cure his pain. However, as the appointment continued and we continued to talk more closely and I carefully listened to his complaints of his pain , I realized that his face was somewhat familiar. Of course, his accent (东北腔) was also very familiar. He began to tell me where he was from and what he was doing.
At this point, I suddenly remembered him as a student at the Computer Science Program in Jilin University. Then, I mentioned how I was able to sneak into the TOEFL class in JU, which brought him a good laugh. I also told him how much I was impressed by the talent of the students in that Computer Science Program. Very luckily, through him, I was able to reconnect with Mr. Hou (our mutual friend) even though we still have not seen each other. I certainly wish to see Mr. Hou in the near future.
Since then, he introduced me to the members of Jilin University Overseas Alumni Association (JUOAA) (members predominantly located in New Jersey and New York). At that time, NBUMS was merged with Jilin University becoming one of largest universities in China. Thus, I proudly became one of the many alumni of JU. I was also told that Mr. Gu was the founding member and
president of JUOAA. With the invitation of Mr. Gu, I had the opportunity to attend many events organized by the alumni. Through these events, I meet a few very talented schoolmates, including Mr. Sun Liang whose wife is also a pathologist, Ms. Hong Meng who is a talented singer with a remarkable voice, Mr. Liang Shao Hua who called me for the first time to arrange PPE to support healthcare provides to fight COVID-19 in NYC, and many other alumni. Since I graduated from NBUMS, I was asked to serve as a liaison between the alumni of Jilin University and the alumni of the former NBUMS. But unfortunately, I was not able to devote as much time as I would have liked to the alumni organization. This was not because of my lack of interest, but due to an overwhelmingly busy schedule at work.
I remember on one occasion, I asked Mr. Gu what he was doing after retirement. Mr Gu told me that he was involved in many community activities and some projects initiated by some alumni of Jilin University, notably the project in Qingdao. However, the most impressive activity was his travel in China. Mr. Gu described his many backpacking travels throughout China. We talked about planning to travel together once I had more time. Unfortunately, our travel plans can no longer be realized.
About 3 years ago, I was informed that Mr. Gu suffered cardiac arrest and was admitted to the New York Hospital Queens. I went to the hospital to visit him and met several of his loyal friends (among them was my classmate Dr. Yuqing Zhang, a family doctor practicing in Flushing). We discussed what we could do for him and any possibility for him to regain his consciousness. At that time, based on my medical experience, I knew the chance of recovery was very dismal. However, we still sincerely hoped that a miracle could happen.
When Mr. Gu was transferred to a nursing home, I went to see him a few times. I also brought some disinfectant solution (electrolyzed water) to his wife to clean a pressure sore on his back. I was impressed with his physical condition and the speedy healing of his back sore. Mr. Gu’s wife put her whole heart and devoted all of her efforts to provide the best care for him. I often tell my friends that Mr. Gu was so lucky to have such a wonderful, caring wife.
Last week, the bad news finally arrived that Mr. Gu passed away on 4/5/200 at 5:30 am. My sincerest condolences to his wife and his family. Mr. Gu will be greatly missed and will always be remembered by his schoolmates, friends, colleagues, etc.
4/12/2020 at Whitestone, New York.



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